Value for money
We'll do a Pest Inpection and Building Inspection from $550
This is done by a Building expert, a Pest expert and two other Inspectors, who between them have over 50 years experiance in the field!

These are not builders who have done a 2 week course then relying on all their terms and conditions in their reports to leave their customers exposed.

Don't gamble with your future investment, get a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection from one of the most experienced Inspectors in the field.

Termite damage can be undetectable to the naked eye. Our Pest Inspectors will give you a thorough Inspection throughout the property. Don’t forget, Termite Damage is not covered by Insurance!

Got a Pest Problem, we’ll find the critters and eradicate them.  And we’ll treat your home to protect it from any further infestation.

We are an Australian, family owned & run business.  
We’ve been in the industry for over 15 years and have performed over 10,000 house inspections!
We service all surrounding Melbourne suburbs and specialise in removing white ants / termites.

DO NOT buy a home without a pest inspection, do this within the 3 day cooling off period to save you 1000's of dollars in pest repair bills !