Pest Inspections

If you are purchasing a property,  a pest inspection goes hand in hand with a building inspection.iStock_000013151408Small

Our Pest Inspection varies from suburb to suburb, depending on the environment the property is in.
However after years of experience, we target the following areas;

  • Termite/White Ant discovery specialists
  • Sub-Floor Inspections
  • Roof Inspections
  • Surrounding areas
  • Damage reports

In summary;
Firstly we do an external inspection.
Then go into the sub-floor under the house, checking for wood rot, borers, previous termite damage and any live activity.
We check for conducive conditions, drainage and leakage.

We will provide a detailed, well documented, Visual Timber Pest Inspection & Report in accordance with AS 4349.3
You will receive this full written report within 12 hours of the inspection, with quotes as required for treatments or negotiations you can use to purchase your property if there are issues.

Always make sure your contracts state:
Subject to building and pest inspections.